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At Chef JP Gourmet, we understand that Event Planning is an opportunity to create a unique and exciting story. We draw inspiration from the latest fashion trends and tailor our services to fit your budget. We embrace tradition to ensure that each person has the best experience and maximum enjoyment.

Our passion lies in generating brilliant ideas through Event Planning that become milestones in your celebrations. We work with you, for you, to bring your dream to life and materialize your vision. From the beginning, we immerse ourselves in your vision, and in the end, you’ll be thrilled to see how the event of your dreams unfolds exactly as you imagined.

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We specialize in Wedding Planning, but we also cover a wide range of events, from Inauguration Planning and Charity Gala Planning to Birthday Party Planning and Christmas Party Planning, as well as Baby Shower Planning, Quinceañera Party Planning, and Graduation Party Planning. Our array of services is unmatched, spanning from conceptualization to the final execution of the event. Our commitment is to accompany you throughout the entire planning, development, and culmination of the event, ensuring top-notch quality and leaving no detail unnoticed.

Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your party! Whether your ultimate location is at home, at the office, or elsewhere, Chef JP Gourmet will handle the entire event planning process!

The success of any event depends on good planning. We organise, design, plan and produce all types of social and business events such as: planning services for weddings, planning birthdays, planning baby showers, planning bachelorette parties, planning conventions, planning festivals, planning opening ceremonies, planning product launches etc.

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Did you know that Event Planning involves the following phases...


Develop an idea as a series of pre-meeting activities whose main purpose is to prepare the resources and equipment for the event. A clear definition of what is desired and necessary to organize the event.


If there is no venue for the celebration, find a venue that fits your budget and production needs.


Provision of the equipment, technical, human, and material resources to be used at the event location.


The phase in which the planned activities are developed with event participants gathered in one place.


Order to crew to remove materials and items used at the event.

Evaluation of results

Point in time at which the degree of goal attainment and the efficiency of the services are determined. The evaluation of the results is one of the most important parts of the follow-up event. Find out if they have at least achieved their planned goals and achieved results.


List of all actions performed in the event. A follow-up to help with the assessment. In this phase the graphic documentation of the same is inserted; Photos, videos, press releases, etc.

Trust Chef JP Gourmet to plan your event and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Let us turn your dreams into reality and make each moment of your celebration an absolute delight.

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